Phelicia Magnusson

Phelicia Magnusson is a sensitive creature who works in fierce love. She is an herbalist and flower essence practitioner whose formal training took place at Arbor Vitae School of Traditional Western Herbalism in New York City and with Delta Gardens in Hampton Falls, New Hampshire. Her own journey to working with herbs came much by accident when she encountered dandelion leaf in a woman’s yoga study after college. Since then she’s reflected on the ways her great grandmother grew herbs as potted plants in her Brooklyn apartment, and the way her childhood was spent observing the forest in Northern Idaho.

Phelicia is particularly interested in the intersection of ritual and healing; she has spent a good deal of time learning in ceremony with plants and elders in the Peruvian Amazon and the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. As a healer, Phelicia has a great deal of gratitude and awe for the plants themselves, the infinite wisdom they hold, and the elders and traditions that hold plant wisdom sacred. In her work, Phelicia’s mission is to be a medium between plants and people and to support individuals in reconnecting with the wisdom of their bodies and the missions of their hearts. Phelicia is deeply humbled by the courage people draw from in sharing their stories and becoming present in their own healing.