Lunar Infused Flower Essences Just Came In!!!!

On the last full moon of 2017 , a super moon in the sign of Gemini (my ascendent), my Lunar Infused flower essences set came in the mail. Lunar infused essences have a quality of working with the intuition, the subconscious and the dream state; the actions of these essences come out nicely in their ability to work with that which is unseen but affects the seen: our relationship to ancestors, deeply held fears, beliefs, undiscovered gifts, suppressed memories, our deep desires, or unconscious motives.  Let’s talk about tuning into the wisdom of the body and spirit through dream time, intuition, instinct and those habits that keep us nourished.

Your gurl is PUMPED! I’m offering 10% off of my flower essences sessions or packages for folks who mention the super moon, attend my class or mention my class "The Wisdom Of the Blood", through the end of the year. Reach out via